Why 3D Architectural Exterior Renderings mostly used by Real Estate and Marketing Agencies ?

3D Exterior Commercial or Residential Renderings for Real Estate Agencies

3D exterior commercial and residential renderings are a great way to promote an upcoming residential or commercial development for marketing and leasing purposes. Exterior renderings are of much importance for real estate agencies and marketing companies. Most of the real estate and developers are dependent on 3D renderings for their marketing. 3D Exterior renderings are of extreme importance in the architectural industry.

Real estate floor plans, 3D rendering animation and 3D renderings

Apart from the real estate floor plans, 3D rendering animation and 3D renderings are most popular of all other presentation methods due to the wide range of features offered by the 3D architectural renderings.

3D modeling tools provide you with accurate and precise 3 dimensional models with life-like images of the required structure. Apart from developing building models, 3d animation rendering is used in a variety of areas such as 3d modeling animation, 3d graphics animation, 3d design animation, 3d animation rendering, architectural 3d animation and rendering design etc.

Benefits of 3D modeling and rendering:

There are many benefits of 3D modeling and rendering to an architectural project:

  • Power to the end customers: Earlier, we only have concept designs where in the end customers doesn’t even know what it looks like until it is completed. But with advent of 3D technology, we can get to the end product right in the beginning but in a virtual world. It helps the prospective customers to take decisions with much determination. When a 3D interior or 3D exterior view is presented to the client, he gets a better understanding of the materials and architectural features used in the building and are able to judge the overall effect they have on the aesthetics of design.

  • Establish any design errors: A building is a sophisticated piece of workmanship and so it is often difficult to visualize completely through just 2D drawings. When one generates a 3D model of the design, one gains the opportunity of viewing it from every angle. Hence many design flaws that could otherwise have been overlooked can easily be identified and rectified well before construction begins. This will help to reduce unnecessary costs and also save on the time required for construction.

  • Increased selling power to the design: 3D interior and 3D exterior views are extra beneficial when it comes to the salability aspect. For one it helps the architect to be able to convince the client of his abilities in delivering good work to him. On the other hand real estate developers depend on them to secure the interest of prospective stake holders and get them to invest in the project.

  • Effective communication with clients: It is very important for an architect to deliver to their clients exactly what they wish for from their building. Often a gap is noticed between the client's needs and the architect’s understanding of it which leads to the proposal being in some ways different from what the client was actually looking for. This is eliminated when 3D rendering tools are adopted. In case of any discrepancies with his requirements, changes can be easily made at that stage rather than after it has been constructed.

  • Important for marketing: Besides the above mentioned benefits, 3D renderings are crucial while marketing the projects (apartments, condos and villas) to customers. 3D architectural rendering allows customers to see a non-existent building as if it was there already.

Outsourcing 3D Visualization for additional benefits

Lately outsourcing 3D Architectural Renderings and Architectural 3D Walk-through animations has become essential considering its use in daily marketing needs and in reducing costs to be cost-effective.

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing to India is cost savings. Lower cost of operation and work makes it eye-catching to outsource. Besides cost efficiency, there are few applicable rewards of outsourcing. It consists mainly of finding skilled resources and getting quality work done in combination with improved process efficiency.

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