MEP BIM Coordination Drawing Services

We offer MEP BIM coordination across the entire project and maintain a consistent process of coordination and clash elimination. We prepare Coordination drawings for Mechanical, electrical, piping with all trims, fire protection and keeping sprinkler heads as per RCP layout & plumbing shop drawings with correct elevations. We have an obligation to proactive planning and careful implementation of all projects. This has helped Triniy CAD Services to be a natural choice in the field of MEP BIM coordination. From the use of a light table through the use of super plots and beyond, Trinity CAD Services has always been on the cutting edge.

MEP BIM Modeling for 3D Coordination

A three-dimensional, real-time, dynamic building modeling computer program in which you can increase productivity throughout building design and construction. 3D coordination of building trades provides a visual image of a completed building. This process produces the BIM, which then inter-connects the building geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, quantities and properties with all the related building components. 3D coordination helps eliminate field rework and allows for easier communication on your project construction site.

















When conceptualizing a project, MEP BIM modeling as a process brings the team together with the client in a combined effort to generate the ideal facility design, according to the client’s needs.

MEP BIM Clash Detection

BIM coordination services enhance production value and advance the planning and development process by bringing to light the areas of concern, inconsistency and disproportion in the design, whether it comes from the structural area or any other aspect of the project.

Throughout the years, we have completed many complex projects using full BIM 3D models. Clash Detection is used along with a suite of internal programs for clash tracking, notifications, follow-up, and resolution management. Outsourcing BIM modeling to CAD outsourcing services will be of more advantageous for architects, engineers, contractors, construction companies, design consultants, subcontractors and owners.

MEP BIM Coordination Outsouring from Trinity CAD Services

Utilizing BIM coordination services offers clear benefits to both design-build team and clients in need of new facilities to be designed and built. The use of MEP BIM coordination has been rapidly increasing by the day according to McGraw-Hill Construction. The percentage of companies using BIM has increased by more than 50%.

Consider BIM coordination services to be incorporated in the construction process of your next commercial facility project. Contact Trinity CAD Services to learn more about how BIM coordination can help your team put together your next project.

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