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Outsource CAD Conversion Services and get high precision and consistent quality everytime.

Outsource Paper to CAD Conversion Services to India

In today's highly competitive world, businesses are required to save time and use better resources to be able to retain their brand name in the market. We at Trinity CAD Services offer high quality CAD Conversion outsourcing services at affordable rates thereby saving time and resources for our clients. With the help of this service, our clients within AEC industry with different backgrounds like engineering, manufacturing, mechanical, fabrication and architectural get advantage by converting their hardcopy paper drawings to digital format.

Outsource CAD Conversion Services:
As part of CAD drafting services, we offer CAD conversion services as well. Here is what we can do for you

  • Raster to vector Conversions in CAD and other vectorization services 

  • Dimensioning services 

  • Conversion of prints to CAD vector formats by scanning 


The drawings in PDF format or any Image formats are redrafted in CAD software using your layering standards and any other standards or instructions and are 100% dimensionally accurate.

Trinity CAD Services performs CAD Conversion and 3D modeling for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry. Our clients include contractors, homebuilders, Land Developers, Builders, interior design firms, architectural design firms and architects. We deploy qualified team of drafters on CAD drafting and CAD conversion jobs under the supervision of engineers and architects. 


Advantages of outsourcing CAD Conversion and CAD Drafting Services to us: 

  • We work with all the PDF or image formats

  • We can produce output formats suitable for you

  • We use standard function blocks in your drawings

  • We maintain 98% accuracy

  • We ofer perfect accuracy you want

  • We can do a fast turnaround on large jobs

  • We preserve the actual size of the drawings

  • We have the ability to handle different sizes of projects

  • We reserve the custom layers specified by you or maintain specified minimum standards

  • We can give you a dedicated team trained on your standards according to your needs


We offer CAD digitization services for your architectural plans and other engineering technical drawings in any format to take care of your documentation needs. If you have any issue for raster image scanning, 3D drawings or 2D drawings, we can solve it easily with CAD conversion. We convert your scanned drawings to editable CAD files that are non-fading and accessible to multiple users for on-going changes and future revisions, if any. CAD conversion enables designers to layout and develops work on screen, print it out and save it for future editing, saving time on their drawings.


We offer high quality CAD Conversion and CAD Digitization services for all type of engineering drawings in any format


Our experts CAD Draughtsman make use of different CAD drafting software in order to create top class designs for architectural works and Technical Drawings. Outsource CAD conversion of all types of Architectural, Structural, Civil and MEP drawings including plan, elevation, sections, site plans, grading plans, vicinity plans, road profiles, utility profiles, CAD drawings of Building Services Draughting like HVAC, Electrical, Firefighting, Plumbing, Landscaping drawings, Structural drawings, Survey drawings, Sanitation & Piping plan, utilities, working drawings, etc. 

Trinity CAD Services uses highest quality digitizing techniques to convert your architectural plans and engineering drawings to take care of your documentation needs. We provide dimensioning services as well.
After converting, your building plans and engineering drawings are:

  • Non-fading 

  • Archived 

  • Searchable 

  • Accessible to multiple users for constant changes and revisions during the building process 

We can work from paper (hand-drawn sketches) or any file format such as .tiff files or any other image file formats. We convert them to CAD files using latest CAD software. 


We can work from scanned paper drawings or hand-drawn sketches or any image file formats and converts to electronic format. With the help of CAD, it is possible to work on digitized format and it also allows saving for the editing or modification works that may be required in the future. We offer CAD Conversion services for any Engineering Drawings, Prototype drawings, Blue Prints. We can effectively handle simple CAD Conversion work, such as text editing or single line drawing. And the complex projects that need data correction iand adding changes that are made manually. Our CAD conversion services are on time, they are of high standard and with a very competitive price

Outsourcing CAD Services will help companies concentrate on core activities. Please fill the contact form here with your CAD Conversion requirements.
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Outsource Paper to CAD Conversion services and get benefitted in terms of Pricing, Accuracy and Turnaround.