Architectural 2D CAD Drafting Services

and 3D Architectural Modeling Services

Outsource 2D Architectural Drafting services to the leading CAD drafting company and get the best of computer-aided design and drafting services.

Architectural drawing is a technical drawing for a building construction project. Architectural drawings are used to develop the design concept into a final proposal, to communicate ideas and concepts, to convince customers of the benefits of design. Architectural draftsmen, or drafters, use sketches, notes and dimensions fromarchitects and engineers to create detailed drawings used for reference throughout the design and construction process.


Trinity CAD Services is offering an extensive Architectural CAD Services in accordance with client's requirement starting with simple Paper to CAD Conversion, 3D Modeling and Rendering Services, Architectural Walk-through and Construction Documentation Services. Architectural drawings are made according to an agreed system, including in particular views (floor, etc. Section), sheet sizes, units of measurement and scales, explanations, and after cross-referencing. We provide architectural CAD Drafting services for all stages of projects and for retail, commerical and residentail projects.


We specialize in providing precise Architectural CAD Drafting Services at very economical price. Our qualified team of very talented architects, Draftsmen, 3D modelers and graphic artists with their area of expertise in this field focuses on providing valuable, time-bound and easily affordable CAD services.


We offer our services to clients from following Engineering fraternity:

  • Engineering Consultants

  • Building Contractors

  • Architects and Interior Designers

  • Structural Consultants

  • Retail Space Planning:


Architectural Drafting and Detailing (CAD) Services 
Trinity CAD Services (TCS) can help you on Architectural Drafting and Landscape Drawings. We use state of the art tools and technologies to provide our clients with best of class service. We offer drafting services in latest CAD Software for both Architectural CAD Drafting and Architectural Conversion Services. We offer CAD drafting services for:

  • Architectural layout & landscaping CAD drawings 

  • Architectural floor plan CAD drawings 

  • Architectural Space plan CAD drawings 

  • Furniture CAD drawings 

  • Reflected ceiling plans/ CAD drawings 

  • Interior designing & planning / CAD drawings 

  • Architectural Elevations and Sections CAD drawings 

  • Detailed Architectural working CAD drawings 

  • HVAC CAD drawings 

  • Electrical CAD drawings 

At Trinity CAD Services, we can create CAD drawings from any format, even paper. If you don't have your design on paper yet, all you need to do is give us your design specifications and measurements, and we will create the CAD drawings for you.
Here's what we can do for you

  • You give us the details and we will draft them into accurate working drawings 

  • We can draft different CAD renderings or views of your building 

  • We will follow the drafting standards of your particular location/state 

  • We will edit your drawings for you, all you need to do is send us the edited sketch information & we will make changes to the CAD drawing to match your sketch 

  • We work with any input/output format 


Trinity CAD Services's Architectural Drafting and Design Expertise
Our knowledge and experience is vast. With numerous years of detailing experience, we have successfully helped many clients worldwide with the following:

  • Commercial

  • Residential

  • Industrial Projects 

  • Parking lots

  • High-Rise & Low Rise Buildings 

  • Retail

What you get with our CAD Drafting and CAD Conversion Services 
•    Qualified architects perform CAD drafting and conversion, not just draftsmen. 
•    98% accuracy 
•    Work with any format 
•    AI layering standards 
•    We can give u a dedicated/flexible team based on your requirements 
•    We will train our architects on the drafting standards of your particular location/state, according to your specifications and guidance

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