Outsourcing MEP Coordination Shop Drawing Services

We provide HVAC Shop Drawings CAD drafting services for the HVAC / Mechanical Contractors to create a complete set of detail, shop, coordination or as-built drawings. MEP Shop drawings are clear choice for companies looking to expedite commercial projects while saving time, money and energy. It helps the team detect clashes in the design and flaws that need to be addressed and modified. Our CAD draftsmen have experience working in the field managing and servicing mechanical systems. 

Hassle Free CAD Outsourcing for MEP Design

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has long been used as a valuable tool for efficient construction; however, without the use of BIM coordination services to enhance the usability and purpose of the tool, projects often take longer and incur additional hassle and expense for both the construction team and the client. With our years of experience we are able to create the highest quality shop drawings. For a truly top quality drawing you need detailing done by people who have experience with the different facets of a HVAC project.

Coordination Shop Drawings:

Problems with design coordination, such as time consumption and ineffectiveness related to the current 2D paper-based process, are some of the top concerns of a general contractor, since late conflict correction increases the potential for errors in the field. In order to address this issue, there have been an increasing number of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firms utilizing building information models (BIM) in their coordination and clash detection processes allows for increased coordination and fewer field problems. Coordinated shop drawings offer a range of benefits:

  • Detailed duct work shop drawings for fabrication and installation.

  • Best drafting process for seamless transition from 2D to 3D CAD.

  • Coordination drawings

  • “As-Built” Drawings for record submittal

  • Support for Design Build project.

  • It saves the client valuable budget dollars 

  • Ductwork will be drawn to match your shop standards. (ASHREA standards used if not provided)

  • Dimensions showing ductwork and gridline relationship

  • All ductwork will show size, length of each piece, top and bottom elevations. Fittings will show throat lengths, amount of rise or fall and amount of offset.

  • Enables to view the build project as a whole than as separate drawings.

  • Riser duct will be shown if including needed shaft duct detailing.

  • It helps the team detect clashes in the design

  • Exact placement of VAVs, AHUs, EFs and RTU units showing access required for service.

  • Placement of grills, registers and diffusers

  • Makes prefabrication and off-site manufacturing a more viable option for clients.

  • Equipment pads, fire dampers, duct penetration, roof frames.

  • Drawings will show your company name, address and phone number.

  • It gives the team a good approximation of how much materials will be used and an approximate cost.

MEP Shop Drawing Process:

Shop drawing is the digital version of information in the construction documents. The shop drawing’s primary stress is on a particular installation. At Trinity CAD Services, we start with blueprints and section out the work, detailing the fittings, the joints, and the gauges- everything about each fitting and piece of duct. Working in a computer-generated 3D setting, we number and develop a schedule of everything unique about each piece of duct.


A shop drawing gives more detail than the construction documents. The shop drawing often is more detailed than the information shown in the construction documents to give the architect and engineer the opportunity to review the fabricator’s version of the product, prior to fabrication

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